We are the ONLY tutoring company in Gwinnett County offering a rate guarantee.
Your rate with us will not increase as long as you have students in school.


Sessions are either scheduled paired with one other student or private. All sessions are one hour. Discounts apply for the number of sessions per week and referrals. There is a special, discounted rate of 20% for paired sessions twice a week for an entire semester. We have found that seeing a student twice a week in a paired session gives the maximum results for improvement! We require payment BEFORE the scheduled tutoring session. We do not accept any form of payment on site; we ONLY use PayPal because it is safe for our tutors on site and protects our clients’ information.
We charge for tutoring sessions ONLY. We do NOT have enrollment fees, testing fees, materials fees, rescheduling fees or late payment fees. We can do so because people have been wonderful to work with, and we don't need to charge extra for our services or office expenses. The only way you lose your tuition is: "No Show/ NO 24" (see fee policies below) or cessation of tutoring sessions before the semester ends without proper notice as discussed below.
We only have four breaks a year: Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and Spring Break. ALL OTHER HOLIDAYS, Teacher Work Days, or Snow Days, we meet! If you want to take the day as a break, just call and reschedule no later than THE DAY BEFORE your session.
If you want to reschedule a session, just text or call and reschedule no later than THE DAY BEFORE your session. The session must be canceled by the parent/responsible party. Calling the day of your session to cancel will result in a full charge for that session. You will have 30 days to reschedule and attend or lose the session. We do not offer rescheduling for a “reschedule” because that would disrupt other parents’ and students’ schedules. You can reschedule by calling, emailing or texting the day before.
  1. NO Show / NO 24- We need at least 24 hours notice to reschedule your session. Without proper notice, you will be charged for a session. We have great tutors on site waiting for your student.
  2. Cancelation Mid-Semester- If you drop tutoring completely during a semester without a 30 day notice, you will lose your discount for that semester. If you need to come back, your time slot may be lost. Your discount can be reinstated the following semester. (Summers are handled on an individual basis. You still get discounts in the summer, but can reschedule around vacations.)
  3. Frequent Rescheduling- During the semester only TWO RESCHEDULES a month are allowed before being charged for the missed (rescheduled) session. We count on consistency to stay in business, but understand that "life happens.” Work with us, and we'll work with you. (Emergency situations are taken on a case-by-case basis.)
    We have a Rate Gurantee Contract, Client Questionnaire, and Gwinnett Math Tutoring Guidelines for the responsible party to sign before the first tutoring session. For your convenience, these items are linked below. Feel free to print and bring these with you to speed up the initial tutoring process!
    The links below are required documents that you can print and bring with you to your first tutoring session.

    Rate Guarantee Contract

    Client Questionnaire

     GMT Guidelines