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We use a hands-on approach to tutoring, emphasizing critical thinking and analytical skills.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We take a mentoring approach to tutoring. We have a comprehensive approach to how each subject fits together, and we lead the student along to properly link the subjects together. This helps them be successful in all their studies. We have found that short  "how to" examples with supervised practice are more effective than repeating a classroom lecture in private. Students listen to lecture all day. We want them to mimic, try, fail, correct and master concepts. Taking time to understand each student unlocks their own method of study, while helping them conform to expectations at school. Finding their "bent" takes a little longer, but reaps much greater rewards down the road.

Our Story

Meet the Team

While each unique, we all share the common goal of student success.


Victor Gann

Founder & Lead Tutor

Victor brings a unique life experience to GMT from his experience in tutoring and leading seminars for over 40 years, to leading Boy Scouts, to working in Corporate America. He's helped students learn how to read and count as well as pass AP exams and get into medical school. His mentoring approach is what GMT is founded upon.

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Hannah Nash


Hannah handles our scheduling and student needs. She will talk with you to learn how we can best serve your student. She has over 10 years experience in teaching, Program Design and Customer Service.


Kim Troha

6th-10th Grade Math and Science Tutor

Kim has a master’s degree in Mathematics Education and more than 25 years experience teaching middle school math in GCPS. Her tutoring style is interactive and targeted to keep the student engaged and focused, no matter the ability. She loves seeing students gain confidence in their skills and abilities!


Bridgette Adams

History, Language Arts, and Homeschool Tutor

Bridgette has a bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. She also has several years' experience teaching and tutoring, including teaching ESOL.


Tarcy Hernandez

Math and Science Tutor 

Tarcy has a master's degree in Middle Grades Education with a major concentration in math. She taught middle school in Gwinnett County Schools for 30 years! She is also fluent in Spanish.

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