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The combination of student abilities, preparedness, presentation and teaching style of the teacher make all the difference in mathematics. Let us make math fun again!


Usually 8th graders, or advanced 7th graders, take this course to prepare for high school level Algebra 1. The basics of math, sucha as: fractions, decimals and percents, concept of variables, introduction to geometry and solving basic word problems are involved in this course.


Usually freshman or advanced 8th graders take this course. It includes: solving for X, slope, lines, systems of equations, exponents and polynomials, factoring, quadratic functions, probability and data analysis.


Typically sophomores or advanced freshman take this course. Concepts such as: proofs, coordinate geometry, parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles, circles, area and volume are covered in this course.


Usually juniors or advanced sophomores take this course. Topics include: advanced functions, inverse functions, logarithms, systems of equations, linear programming, systems of inequalities, advanced factoring patterns, Pascal’s Triangle, matrices, and complex numbers. Standardized testing is emphasized in the study skills portion.


Usually seniors take this course. Topics include: advanced functions and their graphs, polynomial and rational functions and inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and their graphs, analytic trigonometry, and the unit circle.


This course is for juniors preparing to take AP Calculus their senior year. This course covers the same topics as regular precalculus, but at a deeper level and more advanced pace. Introduction to limits for calculus is added.


This course is for seniors preparing for the AP Calculus Exam in May. There is a heavy emphasis on note taking and practice exam questions. An advanced calculator is required. Topics include: basic limits, differentiation, integration, related rates, optimization, and volumes of solids.


This course is for seniors or advanced juniors. It covers statistics at the college level for all types of mathematical comparisons and assessment of data.


Four science courses are required in Gwinnett county for high school. We are able to assist in these specific classes. Other sciences are available upon individual request.


This course is for 8th graders or advanced 7th graders. It covers the basics of physical sciences, chemistry, physics, and earth science.


This course is usually for sophomores and advanced freshman. We assist with both CP and Honors level Chemistry. It introduces students to complex topics, including: thermodynamics, stoichiometry, and laboratory experiments. This will prepare them for more complex subjects, such as advanced biology and physics.


This course is typically for juniors or advanced sophomores. We help with both CP and Honors physics. It covers fundamental concepts of physics, including: mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and thermodynamics.


This course is for students preparing for the AP Physics exam in May. It is an introductory college-level physics course based on alegbraic skills. It covers topics such as: systems, fields, force interactions, change, conservation, and waves through inquiry-based learning techniques.

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