Study Skills and Test Prep

Study Skills and Test Prep

Test Preparation and Study Skills are essential for the best performance in school. We integrate these skills as much as possible at each tutoring session. We offer specialized classes for the unique skills needed for the jump to high school and AP class study.


Comprehensive skill set learning to: take notes, keep a notebook, test preparation, reading speed and comprehension, schedule planning, how math and science require unique skills to learn. Using multiple methods to learn. How to use media and electronic resources including calculators.


This course prepares students for AP/College level classes. In these classes, much more material is covered at a much faster pace. Students are given less guidance as to what material is important, and are expected to “learn on their own.” That’s how you learn in college, and to some extent, in real life. Our classes are inline with the Cornell Method as put forth by Walter Pauk in his book “How to Study in College,” now in its eleventh edition.


We have been helping raise SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Testing) scores in Georgia for over 10 years. There is a specific strategy and a method of review that maximizes each student’s score. We like to keep review classes small to give individual attention to students. We utilize review material published by the companies who administer the tests. We focus on strategy and timing as well as actual subject review. We’ve seen much success in SAT/ACT prep!


This test (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is required by all area of military services. We are proud to support our armed forces by assisting in preparation for this test. The unique format of the test covering verbal, math, spacial and practical shop skills and knowledge is a challenge to those who take the exam. We have taught many entrants the basics of the test with successful results.


This test (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is required for admission to most MBA programs. It measures test takers’ arithmetic, algebra, geometry, multi-source data analysis, and grammar skills. It measures analytical and critical thinking skills as well. We assist in preparation for all areas of this admisssions test.


This test (Medical College Admission Test) is required for admission to most medical schools. We prepare students for all four portions of this test: Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems; Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills; and Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior.


This test (Law School Admissions Test) is the only one accepted for admission by all ABA-accredited law schools. We prepare students for all portions of this test: logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, critical reading, and persuasive writing skills. All of these skills are necessary for success in law school.

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